If you’re looking for new roofing installation services, it pays to learn how the process works and how to do it right. You may not be the one installing shingles on your new roof, but you’ll be living with the results. In this article, we’ll review just a few key tips for installing roof shingles correctly.

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The first thing that needs to go in place is a drip edge. A drip edge is one of the most important tools for your roof in terms of waterproofing. Drip edges ensure that raindrops roll seamlessly from one part of your roof to the next without letting any moisture past the waterproof barrier they create. Even in dry climates, this is an important feature to include.

It’s also important to make sure that you’re laying down your tar paper correctly. Tar paper forms the base of most asphalt shingle roofs, which means it needs to be laid in such a way that it provides an excellent foundation. This layer of roofing should be flat with no wrinkles and nailed down in such a way that the wind can’t blow it over.

For more tips on proper roof installation techniques, check out the video linked above.



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