Your home’s bathroom is one of the spaces that can have a major impact on the comfort you have in your home. That’s why it’s a good idea for you to make it as fitting to your needs as possible with well-planned improvement projects. To get the job done right, you might need to find a good plumbing service that will help you to ensure that your plumbing is in solid shape. If you like, you can get fancy fittings from a local faucet importer or a bathroom retrofit professional.

Check online to see if you can find a reasonable bathroom retrofit service that you can work with to achieve the end result that you want. The right professionals can show you how to make a bathroom without tiles work perfectly for you. Remember that it’s important to do some research and look at various bathrooms online so that, in the end, you know the bathroom reference you want to use. This is going to make the process easier for you and you can better get the outcome that you want. Shop around for the professionals to work with after you know the average pricing to expect. This will enable you to get a good price for the job.

When thinking about constructing your home or doing a major renovation, it’s important for you to prioritize the bathroom design. This is because the bathroom sees a lot of traffic and it can be a bit complicated to remodel after you’ve constructed it thanks to plumbing lines and such. That said, you can make use of some design ideas that will leave you with an adorable bathroom that you and your family will love. Have a look at the nine new construction bathroom ideas outlined below and borrow what you feel can work perfectly for you. This will help you get a beautiful space that will withstand the test of time.

1. Making the Bathroom Bigger

One of the most popular new construction bathroom ideas is making the bathroom bigger. More people are seeing the importance of constructing a spacious bathroom that will feel relaxed and have the capacity to hold their items comfortably. To this end, you can expect to see a number of newly-constructed homes having bigger bathrooms. These have ample room for storage and decor and offer an amazing shower experience overall.

A great way to increase the space you have in an existing bathroom other than knocking down existing walls is to get rid of secondary elements. Things like the bathtub and extremely large sinks can make way for decors like plants and other decorative elements. These could also be replaced with storage to make the bathroom a lot more functional. You’ll find that the space feels a lot more open, which is the aim of building a big and spacious bathroom. You should ensure that the area is functional and has all the amenities, only doing away with elements that won’t be missed a lot if they’re no longer there.

2. Using Natural Elements

Another one of the new construction bathroom ideas that you’ll come across is using natural stone elements. These will add a rustic and durable feel to the space and could even make it easier to decorate. Take it a step further and use wood and even handmade tiles. Doing this is going to make an unforgettable statement and add some personality to your bathroom. Working with professional and knowledgeable interior design companies will make it easier for you to get the best outcome from your effort.

Make sure to get natural materials that you’ll be able to maintain so you can get the most out of them. You also need to keep in mind that a material like wood may not be the best choice for a wet space like the bathroom. This is because of issues with mold and rot that could leave you having to take remedial steps and predispose your family to ill health. If you want to use wood, make sure that it’s been adequately treated and that you can keep up with its maintenance over time. This should keep it looking good and make your bathroom a welcoming space to spend time in.

3. Installing A Freestanding Bathtub

If you absolutely must have a bathtub for your bathroom to feel complete or you have ample room, you may want to install a freestanding one. This is currently a popular trend in new construction bathroom ideas that you may want to be a part of yours. Work with a professional plumber who will help you get the plumbing done right for the best outcome. When you have a custom freestanding bath in your home, it will make an unforgettable statement. You can be sure that this is a trend that will withstand the test of time and so you don’t run the risk of splurging on a seasonal trend if you get one.

You could take things a step further and add gold fixtures to the bathtub. This is going to give it a luxurious feel that’s going to spread to the rest of your home. With a beautiful freestanding bathtub, you’ll reap the benefits to the maximum and can enjoy a higher level of self-care. Just imagine what it would feel like to come back home after a long day of working hard and settling into a warm, bubbly, cozy freestanding bathtub. With or without a glass of wine, this is the stuff that movies are made of!

4. Using Creative Lighting

Lighting is yet another important item in the list of new construction bathroom ideas that you could leverage. To this end, working with a good electrical contractor can make a positive difference to the way your bathroom looks and feels. Just as you would do in a multi-use space like the kitchen, introducing different types of lighting to the bathroom can make it a lot more functional and comfortable. For example, task lighting at the sink or vanity area will make it a lot easier to do make-up and facial procedures that need ample lighting. Ambient lighting in the rest of the bathroom will make sure that everything is visible when bathed in a calm light.

Make the most of the bathroom’s lighting by leveraging natural light as well if you can. Installing large windows is the best way to ensure that the bathroom is well-lit during the day. Talking to custom shade companies in your area could help you to find the perfect shades for your bathroom so that you can get instant privacy in your bathroom when you need it. The best shades will be those that can withstand the humid environment of a bathroom without getting damaged.

5. Adding an Accent Wall

In the same way that your living room or bedroom can benefit from having an accent wall, so can your bathroom. This may be one of the more recent new construction bathroom ideas to think about. That’s because an accent wall can liven up an otherwise bland and boring bathroom. This wall may be entirely for decor or you may add shelves and cabinets to it in a decorative way that plays up its best elements. With an accent wall in the bathroom, it’s important to keep the rest of the bathroom’s setup and decor minimal.

If you’re thinking of upgrading an existing bathroom space, you may not even have to approach residential demolition contractors in your area to add an accent wall. That’s because if you’re fine with your bathroom’s size, you can create an accent wall with purely superficial additions. These include paint and wall hangings or other elements that can easily be added to an existing wall.

6. Constructing Improved Storage

If you have intentions of expanding your family over time, it’s important to consider this when constructing your home and spaces like the bathroom. This is because storage in this space can soon become inadequate as your family gets more members. This will lead to a need for more storage, and you’ll be thankful to have prepared for this beforehand. A general contractor company should help you to get the most out of your bathroom when you let them know the details of what you want. As such, this is one of the new construction bathroom ideas that may need to be planned out well.

If you’re upgrading an existing bathroom, it’s also possible to add more functional storage. You simply need to be creative in the placement and type of storage installations you get. This will give you the freedom that you need to make the space functional and not make it feel overcrowded. From recessed shelves to corner cabinets and drawers, there are many types of storage you can implement in your bathroom to make it more functional.

7. Getting Modern Toilets and Fixtures

While looking at the new construction bathroom ideas that exist, you should remember that the fixtures and toilets you grew up with are a thing of the past for a good reason. This is because there are currently modern and high-tech bathroom fixtures on the market to choose from. These promise to do a few things, one of which is to help make the bathroom more accessible to people with mobility issues. Another benefit they offer is helping lower your water usage, and improving your home’s sustainability to a certain degree.

When looking into the fixtures, don’t forget about the functionality. One functional item to consider in the kitchen is septic pumping if you have a septic system in your home. If you’re constructing a new home and are interested in septic tank installs, you should contact a professional and have an in-depth discussion with them. Find out all the details about septic systems so that you can be sure you want to have one in your home. When you make an informed decision, it will work out perfectly for your home’s needs.

8. Going for Neutral Colors and Shades

Another one of the new construction bathroom ideas you need to think about is the color scheme your bathroom will have. This will have an impact on the look and feel of your bathroom, so it’s a good idea to find the colors and shades that will embody your chosen theme perfectly. These are typically going to be neutral shades and colors that will be easy to work with for most styles and designs.

Neutral shades and colors will also make it easy for you to match your bathroom fixtures to the walls. You can also be sure that you and your family won’t get tired of having calm and neutral colors in the bathroom. Bright and bold colors typically have the effect of feeling old in a short time and this is why it’s best to either save them for an accent wall or ignore them altogether. If you’d like to DIY your bathroom painting project, you should know the right tools and equipment to get. Depending on the scale of the project or if there are other projects being worked on at the same time, one important piece of equipment to think about getting is a dumpster rental. This will make it easier to store materials and dispose of others as the project progresses.

9. Using Shapes and Patterns

Last but not least in this list of new construction bathroom ideas is the use of various patterns and shapes. From hexagons and circles to chevron and wood-grain textures, there are a number of design elements you could benefit from. These can make your bathroom feel modern and chic since most modern bathrooms typically make use of them. Keep them to a minimum so that they don’t feel exaggerated. Instead, they should serve as a highlight or matching background to the rest of your bathroom design.

If you’re wondering where you could install these patterns, consider the floor and walls of your bathroom. For the floor, you could use tiles or other flooring that has these geometric shapes and patterns on them or have them installed in such a way that they make the bathroom considerably more aesthetically pleasing. As for the walls, you may add wallpaper or paint in such a way that the patterns are evident. You could also use mirrors to liven up the walls and expand the space. Make sure to place these mirrors well, depending on the pattern that they have, so that they look great and feel professionally done.

With a bathroom construction or remodeling, you may not have to get services like hvac contracting. That said, there are those that you can’t complete the job without, like plumbing and electrical services. Making sure that you hire a qualified team of professionals and you make adequate plans for the project will give it a better chance of succeeding. Put in the effort at this stage so that you can get an amazing outcome at the end. This should be one that leaves the bathroom functional and aesthetically pleasing. When you take the right measures, you can enjoy having a more valuable home as a result.



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