The foundation makes your home stable but susceptible to water damage. Consider repairing and waterproofing the foundation if you notice telltale signs like standing water or cracks. However, you should be cautious to avoid waterproofing mistakes that can worsen the problem. This video sheds light on the common mistakes to eschew.

The first problem to avoid during basement foundation repair is using the wrong type of sealer. Using paint and tar to waterproof your basement is a bad idea because they only provide a temporary fix.

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These sealants don’t protect against water pressure outside the foundation, leading to continued leakage and potential structural damage.

Another mistake to avoid is using the wrong system for foundation repair. The wrong system won’t address the root cause, leading to ongoing structural problems. You should consult a professional to recommend the appropriate repair system tailored to the foundation’s needs.

What’s more, avoid hiring the wrong company to repair your basement foundation. Hiring the wrong people leads to subpar repairs and poses more risks of water damage. Therefore, look for a reputable company with vast experience of waterproofing and foundation repair. Ideally, you should choose a licensed and insured company. Remember these tips to ensure your basement stays dry and strong.



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