OK, so you’ve lived in your home long enough and realize it’s time for an overhaul. You reviewed the design mags, went on Pinterest, and made notes of inspiring homes amongst your inner circle. With that said, you’re now ready to make the luxury renovation of your dreams. To ensure that you don’t forget anything, here’s a checklist you should consider as you go about your luxury renovation project.

Make Sure You Have Good Insurance

Insurance isn’t just for your health and your car. It’s just as important for your home, especially when doing a luxury renovation. Home insurance services will cover you in case something happens in your home. Regardless of how careful you are or how great the climate is, natural disasters can strike anytime and without warning. Your home may be the victim of a flood, mudslide, or brush fire. Anyone with a home in Florida certainly needs additional home insurance services to cover the possibility of floods. It’s no secret that California homes are often in the zone of annual brush fires.

No one wants to see their home damaged or lose their home completely, especially after taking the time to make the right luxury renovation. With various home insurance services such as basic insurance, roofing insurance, flood protection, and property protection, you can protect your finances by getting reimbursed for any damages or loss that may happen.

Whenever you make a renovation, remember to document it fully. If you need to make a claim on any of your home insurance, you need before and after pictures to prove what happened. Don’t wait forever to file the claim, as the longer you wait, the more resistance you may receive from your insurance company.

Homeowners should also understand that home insurance isn’t just to cover you in case something goes wrong. Your insurance can also help you pay for necessary upgrades to your house. Maybe you finally decided to replace your roof that’s at the end of its lifespan. Roofing insurance will pay for that, as long as you’ve kept up with regular inspections and repairs.

Research Some Different Remodeling Companies

The right remodeling services can ensure your luxury renovation goes off without a hitch. Regardless of what ideas you have or the research you’ve done, the keen eye of a professional is what you need to make it happen. Plus, when you hire professional remodeling services, they will manage your renovation so you don’t have to sit there and stress out over different subcontractors and scheduling. These professionals know the right materials to use, who to contact, and can ensure everything arrives on time for proper installation.

Are you unsure where to look for a remodeler? Start with your inner circle of friends or family who have done remodeling jobs that have made you envious. See if you can get a referral or more from some of the remodeling companies they used. In addition to your inner circle, check online reviews for sites like Trustpilot, Reddit, Google Reviews, and Angies List. Then, you can get feedback on what other clients have said about the remodeling services they’ve used. Finally, don’t forget to check the Better Business Bureau to make sure the remodeling company you’re considering is reputable and doesn’t have any outstanding complaints against them.

Choose a Roofing Specialist

What’s a luxury renovation without a quality roof? While those asphalt tiles may still look good, compared to other roofing, they have a lower lifespan. If you want a roof that says luxury, quality, and durability, it’s time to consider metal, slate, or even ceramic tiling. According to Bob Vila, your slate or metal roof can easily last 50 to 70 years. With the proper installation, such a quality roof requires low maintenance while providing extreme protection from the elements, including fires.

If you’re unsure which roof is best for your home design and climate, professional roofing contractors can guide you. For example, if you live in an arid climate like South Florida, you may be interested in ceramic tiles. Beautiful clay roofs are common along the Mediterranean and can last as long as metal or slate roofing and come in various colors. They can resist extreme heat while also looking beautiful and maintaining elegance.

When it comes to metal roofing, you have a range of metal materials to consider. Whether you prefer aluminum, steel, copper, tin, etc., you can choose a metal roof that suits your aesthetic and design preference. A slate roof can also mimic the appearance of metal while being just as strong.

Consider Finishing Your Basement

Have you let your basement sit empty all these years? If so, your luxury renovation this year is a time to put an end to that. Thanks to innovations in home design, more homeowners understand the usefulness of converting their basements into more livable areas. Before you start moving in basement furniture and decor, hire a basement finishing service.

So why do you need a basement finishing service? Remember, your basement is often one of the most vulnerable spaces in your home. Since it’s the lowest level and is below the ground, it’s susceptible to flooding, pests, and humidity. A basement finishing service can reinforce your basement floors, walls, and ceiling to protect it from invasive water, creatures, and other issues. They can also install an exit window so your basement has proper ventilation and can be in compliance in case you decide to turn it into a separate living space such as an apartment.

Once your basement finishing contractors have completed making your basement safe to do further work in, that’s where the real fun begins. At this point, you can decide to convert your basement into your long overdue home office, entertainment room, a separate bedroom, or a standalone apartment. If you’re one of the many Americans working from home, in a hybrid position, or running your own business, a designated home office is needed. When running your own business, this luxury renovation can help ease your tax burden.

Have you thought about becoming a landlord? Are you ready to make that additional income but aren’t ready to buy a separate property yet? You can test the waters by turning your basement into a standalone apartment. Rent out your basement apartment for a few months or a year on Airbnb, Booking.com, or VRBO to see what it’s like to deal with a tenant and if it’s something you want to take to another level.

Look Into Remodeling Your Staircases

Do you have a floor with more than one level? Have you dreamt of coming down a beautiful winding spiral spiral staircase? When you add staircase remodeling to your luxury renovation project, you can have a staircase that can rival that of any mansion or 80s TV night soap like Dynasty.

Staircase remodeling isn’t just for aesthetics, it can also increase the safety of your home. If you currently have a staircase that has missing boards or is easy to trip over, that’s a liability you don’t want. After all, a staircase is the last place where you or anyone should trip, as it can result in a devastating fall that one may not recover from. Your staircase remodel could revamp its existing materials or replace them with wood, glass, metal, or a combination of them.

Discuss Improving Your Garage Screen

Your garage is a valuable part of your home. Just because it’s this area where you normally keep your cars doesn’t mean it’s not worthy of a luxury renovation. After all, your cars deserve to be showcased and protected in style. Some people also use it for a workshop, storage area, as well as a place to just chill and enjoy the scenery. With your garage door screen you can enjoy the neighborhood activity from the comfort of your garage while still being protected from bugs and having some semi-privacy. So call a garage screen motor manufacturer to get started.

Learn About the Cost of Installing New Countertops

When people think of a luxury renovation, they will often start with the kitchen. The kitchen is the most popular spot to renovate since it’s often the heart of the home. Between storing food, prepping food, eating, and hanging out, you need the right countertops for such kitchen activities. If you haven’t done so already, check out granite countertop installation services.

There are many reasons why people. Incorporate granite countertops when doing a luxury renovation. With little maintenance, your granite countertops can last about 20 years or more. Since it’s one of the hardest stones on earth, it’s durable, can resist stains, and looks beautiful. Another quality about granite countertops is that no two slabs are alike. This uniqueness comes in handy since granite is so popular that it’s seen in over 50% of American households. Regardless of its popularity, you won’t have to worry about your neighbors and friends having the same granite countertops you have.

Ensure That Your HVAC Is Working Properly

Can you imagine not having cool air in the dog days of August? What about the cold in the middle of Christmas dinner? When you add regular HVAC maintenance and installation to your luxury renovation, you can ensure your home is always a safe, cozy, comfortable space for you and your loved ones. Regular HVAC maintenance can increase the lifespan of your existing system. However, when you’re reviewing your renovation priorities, it may be best to replace your HVAC.

Do an overview of the energy bills from the last few months and see if they match how often you’ve been using your AC or heater. If it seems as if your home is burning more energy than you remember, using it may mean your unit is no longer energy efficient. Therefore, your luxury renovation may need to include an Energy Star HVAC system update. That way, you can reduce your carbon footprint whenever you turn it on, while also keeping down energy bills.

Determine the Status of Your Concrete

What do the hardscaping features on your exterior look like? Does your sidewalk walkway, driveway, or deck still look smooth and safe? If these concrete elements have developed cracks or other vulnerabilities, it may be time to call concrete cutting companies. These professionals can get your hardscaping elements back on track and look beautiful again. After all, if you let cracks or chips in concrete go, water can seep in and damage the foundation underneath. Before you know it, you may have a much more costly and time-consuming renovation on your hands.

Hire Professionals to Remove Potentially Dangerous Trees

No luxury renovation is complete without considering your landscape. After all, regardless of all the work you put into your interior, it’s your exterior that everyone will see first. Just like you want to keep your concrete walkway and driveway up to speed, do the same for your grass and trees. Make sure your local landscaper does an overview to see what needs to be updated on your lawn and backyard. If they haven’t already done so, have them add fertilizer to the grass so it can stay green and get rid of weeds. They should also plant beautiful flower beds or get the ball rolling on a garden that you can later maintain.

In addition to keeping up the grass and adding flowers, you must take the time to remove dangerous trees. While trees can bring so much life to your property, they can also be hazardous when they become ill or die. A local tree removal service can remove overgrown roots that are jeopardizing your home foundation or septic tank. If you have any sick trees that can’t be saved or have already died, you must also immediately remove them before they spread illness to other trees.

Whatever you do, have fun renovating your home. Your home is your biggest asset, and it’s your castle, so make sure it’s a comfortable, vibrant place for you to be in. By following this checklist, you can make sure that you create the luxury abode you’ve always wanted.


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