Hiring a contractor can be daunting for customers who don’t know what questions to ask or how to tell if a professional is trustworthy. This video provides a short guide to hiring the best contractor for a particular project. Many of these tips are just as valid when hiring a home builder.

Always consider existing customer testimonials before choosing a home-building company. Look for the most recent reviews or even speak to a client who is working with the home builder right now.

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Contractors or builders who can’t provide details of successful previous projects should be avoided.

Any contract an individual signs should be signed in the person’s place of residence to give them the best protection. Many states offer a period of time during which the contract signee can change their mind. However, it’s worth checking local laws around this.

Contracts should also hold every detail of the planning, construction, and associated costs and timescales. Consider getting a third party to view the contract to ensure that everything is covered. Aspects to consider include warranties on materials and mitigation for when weather or other circumstances slow or halt construction.

Ensure the contractor can match the expectations of the project. Check if the home builder has expertise in the build required. Review their corporate catalog, website, or social media for more information.



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