As a homeowner, it is important that you take the time to embrace home care and repair for your home as it starts to age and you notice that certain systems are worn down. Over the next year, there are several different areas you will need to look into and see if you need a contractor for replacements so that you project the longevity of your home, reduce the amount of energy you are using, and end up saving more money in the long run.

Upgrade Your Windows And Siding

It is easy to forget about the windows and the sidings of your home, especially for years. However, make it a point to contact a window and siding contractor to see what shape your siding and windows are in. If you have vinyl siding in your home, you may need to add new pieces. Over time, you could get cracks and dents in the vinyl that must be repaired. Leaving this exposed could cause water damage to the layer underneath.

Other siding options like hardier boarding and natural wood should also be replaced. If your home is made from natural wood, then you need to review the siding and see what needs to be replaced. For homes with this type of siding, you could easily get mold and mildew in the layers beneath the siding and undergo a more expensive repair if it isn’t fixed on time.

For homes that utilize stucco as siding, a technician must come out every few years for a local stucco repair. While it’s meant to keep the water out, if your area experiences an unexpected rainstorm, you will want the local company to check, ensuring there isn’t water lodged between the stucco and the layer beneath. This can cause the stucco to break down and develop a much larger problem over time.

Windows are also essential to the energy coming into your home and managing the weather throughout the home. If there are cracks in any of your windows, they should be replaced with reinforced windows. They will not only let the air out of your home, but pests and moisture from outside can get into your home and cause unwanted issues. Some newer windows can also withstand strong winds, which is ideal if you live in an area with hurricanes or tornadoes.

Time For AC Repair

Depending on the age of your home and the condition of your current HVAC system, you may need some AC repair. One of the first signs is that your AC system is running all the time and seems to be getting overheated from excess work. You may only need a few parts repaired on the system instead of having a full replacement. If you have a system nearing a decade old, don’t be surprised if the AC technician determines that a new system is the right option.

How’s Your Garage Door?

If your home has one or more garage bays on the home, it may be time to have it repaired and looked at. The tracks on garage doors will start to get stuck, especially from a build-up of debris or other environmental factors that can cause them to stall when they are rolling. Garage door repair services can go in and replace these tracks with new ones so that the door slides easily and does not get stuck up or down. This can be a safety concern that you need to manage.

If you have issues with your garage door opener or need it reprogrammed because one was lost or stolen, then you can also use garage door repair services for the overhead door repair on your home. They can come in and have your doors reprogrammed so that any lost or stolen garage doors cannot be used to access your home.

Roof Repair Services

Another big report about home care and repair is roof repair services. Not all homes have the same types of roofs, and they can vary in their maintenance needs. For example, a traditional asphalt shingle roof may need some areas replaced periodically after bad weather has blown some shingles off or if some become dry-rotted and damaged from the sun. Other roofs, such as clay tiles, may need to be replaced when some start to slide and expose the layer beneath the tiles to the sun and weather.

Over time, your roof may need to be completely replaced, especially if it is nearing 20 years old. Many homeowners are switching to metal roofing, as it requires less maintenance over time and can last just as long. It is also very durable in areas with high heat and lots of water. The metal can be managed in these extreme temperature areas. Before you move forward with roof repair or a new roof altogether, you will want to get a quote from a local roofing contractor for these roof repair services.

Repair Your Asphalt

Another way to embrace home care and repair is to have the asphalt in your driveway checked for repairs. With the help of asphalt repair contractors, you can get t a quote on what a new project looks like. Keep in mind that there is a more affordable option if you opt for a contractor that utilizes recycled asphalt as an option. This type of asphalt is just as durable and is pulled from road projects broken up when roads were paved over. For a home with light traffic and just a handful of vehicles pulling in and out daily, this option could save you some money upfront and over time.

If you aren’t sure you need asphalt repair, look at your driveway and see physical signs that the current asphalt is wearing down. You will see signs of it fading, especially if it is a few years old. Also, the asphalt will wear down in the path that you drive, with it appearing to almost cause holes. If the damage is far gone, you may have potholes in your driveway, which can cause extensive damage to your vehicle. The last sign that you may not see right away is issues with drainage around the driveway. When asphalt starts blocking drains or begins breaking in the bottom layer, the water will start pooling around that area.

Check On Your Water Heater

In most homes, the water heater is tucked away, and you only think about it when you try to warm up your shower; all you get is cold water. Your hot water heater has an element that can wear out and needs to be replaced. If you aren’t getting the hot water at the right temperature or hot water, it’s time to bring in a professional for water heater repairs. This part of home care and repair can be expensive if you have to replace hot water heaters.

Some homes have large tanks that store water to heat, while some newer ones have a tankless water heater that just heats the water as it moves through the tank. If you have a tank, consider switching to one without a tank, as it is a sign that you love your home. They are more energy efficient and can offer unlimited hot water. They cost more initially, but the maintenance is minimal over time.

Check On Your Plumbing

If you want to show home care and repair to your property truly, you will have a plumbing technician come out and inspect for plumbing repairs. Over time, the pipes in the system will start to deteriorate and can become corroded. When this happens, you will want to replace the pipes immediately, as they can cause unwanted leaks. Also, these pipes can get clogged and can cause the water to back up into your home. This stagnant water is unhealthy and can contaminate surfaces until properly flushed and the blockage removed.

Speaking of plumbing, you need to have your septic tank pumped every few years to keep this system operating properly. When your septic tank fills up, the solid waste will float to the top of the tank and clog the drain outlet that dumps the sewage from the home into the tank. This process only takes a couple of hours and must be done by plumbing technicians with the appropriate tools and tank, as they have to dispose of the waste afterward.

Upgrade Your Flooring

True Home Care and Repair will take a long look at the floors in your home and do upgrades as necessary. One of the biggest trends that homeowners are taking advantage of is moving away from carpet in rooms and halls and applying either hardwood floors, vinyl planks, linoleum, or tile to the rooms to protect the floors. Carpet has been known to hold smells, and if it gets wet and not cleaned, it can be a dangerous breeding ground for mold.

Choosing the other flooring options depends on style and price. All of these options come with flooring that is either waterproof or water-resistant. Water resistance allows you to clean up spills without worrying about them, but if you have an appliance flooded on a water-resistant floor, you may find that it buckles and will have permanent damage in a day or two. If it’s on your budget, going with the waterproof options is a good idea. It may be an even better idea to consider tile flooring in bathrooms, kitchens, and laundry rooms.

Some homeowners like the benefits of carpet, where their feet are warm, and they can add some color to the space. A great alternative is to use area rugs in these rooms where you replace the flooring but want to add something back. Area rugs are easy to clean, and if they get moldy, you can easily throw them out and replace them with no home repairs required.

Appliance Upgrade

Depending on the age of your home, it may be time for some home care and repair on your appliances. Over time, you may want a different look in your home, and you will need to upgrade the appliances to match the theme you are trying to achieve. Appliances are easy to choose from, including everything from your stove/range, refrigerator, dishwasher, washing machine, dryer, and deep freezers.

You may like your appliances but need to get new ones because some of you are older, and maintenance on them is no longer worth it. If you get to the point where it will cost you more to fix an appliance than to purchase a new one, it is time for an upgrade. New appliances are meant to be energy efficient, so while you may pay a pretty penny upfront on your appliance, you will earn back your money by saving on your utility bill over the next few years.

Protect Your Well

Some homes have a well on the property, and it is the source of the tap water in the home. Home care and repair includes this system, even though it is outside of the home and, oftentimes, out of mind. The pump could have some damage over time from exposure to the area’s elements and wildlife. It is a good idea to have a technician come out and check the pump, the pressure switch, and the area surrounding the pump. They can tell you if the filter needs to be changed or if there are any additional repairs you may need to make to have the best water possible flowing into your home.

Stay Prepared For Home Care and Repair

As homeowners, it may seem like home maintenance is a never-ending job. You need to keep up with several things each year to love your space and have the best space possible for your family. These maintenance tasks may seem like a lot at once, but they all don’t need to be done simultaneously. Also, when you do them right the first time, they will improve your energy use and reduce the amount of maintenance you need over time. If you keep up with these repairs and annual inspections, you will continue to love your home and find it your favorite place.


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