Your garage door should be smooth like butter when it goes up and down. If it’s jerky or gets stuck halfway, that’s a big red flag. You don’t want that thing crashing down unexpectedly, especially if you’ve got little ones running around. Take a good look at its appearance.

Is your door looking a bit worse for wear? Maybe it’s got dents from that time you accidentally backed into it. Or perhaps the paint is peeling off.

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A shabby garage door not only looks bad but can also drag down the curb appeal of your whole house. Here are some things to consider. How old is your door? If it’s older than your kid’s high school diploma, it might be time to consider an upgrade by a new garage door contractor.

Technology has come a long way and newer doors are more energy-efficient. They come with cool features like automatic sensors and smartphone controls. If it sounds like a rusty old tractor every time you open it, your neighbors are probably not thrilled. A new one can bring peace and quiet back to the neighborhood.

The best part is that this guide shows you how to put in yourself, in super easy steps. Basically, you attach two parts of the door together with hinges. Then you slide them into a track you screw onto the frame. Don’t forget to weatherstrip the bottom of the door. Once it’s in, hook up some springs and cables to make it open and close smoothly. Next, add a safety cable to ensure nothing goes flying out and hurts anyone.



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