Your home should always be a space that you love living in. This place is where you spend most of your time recuperating after spending time and energy on outside tasks like work and socialization. Some people also ensure the structure has high value, especially when considering selling the property later. But if you don’t love your home and think it won’t sell for a good price, consider starting major home improvement projects to change things up. This article offers seven different home improvement ideas to help you increase the value of your house while also turning it into a more comfortable place for you and your family. From room remodels to modern upgrades, explore some suggestions to ensure your home feels like a warm hug at the end of the day.

1. Remodel Your Basement

You don’t want a dark and dusty cave under your home. If you keep your basement space undisturbed for years, it can quickly become infested with pests or conceal various dangers like damaged wires and broken flooring. Take advantage of this precious space and make it more livable with a major home improvement project.

Renovating your basement offers excellent potential for returns. Most people want additional living space for various activities, from working out and gaming to lounging and hosting. Basement remodeling also ensures your space is free from fire and health risks from unused spaces. Plus, you’ll have a room that will wow guests once they see what you’ve done with your basement.

Think hard about what you want to do with the additional space. Instead of maintaining a simple storage area, try to turn it into a fun and comfortable space. For example, you can build a home gym and add workout equipment to easily access your exercise tools. You may also turn it into a movie room. With some comfortable lounge chairs and a large screen, you can watch movies with friends without purchasing tickets to the cinema. You can even build a game room to play video games until the sun rises.

If you plan on changing the basement’s structure to suit your plans, work with expert contracting companies. They can ensure your safety while making a major home improvement and offer expert advice to bring your vision to life within budget. After you renovate your basement, this new space might become your favorite room!

2. Apply Stucco to the Walls

A great deal of elements can damage the exterior walls of the home. Exposure to the sun can make them look dry and faded, while heavy rains can leave wet spots and ugly streaks. If you want to avoid these issues, try stucco remodeling. Stucco leaves a beautiful, long-lasting finish on walls that withstand harsh weather conditions. You can leave it smooth or add a texture for more interest. Whatever you choose, you’ll have a durable wall finish that leaves a lasting impression while increasing your home value.

Stucco is a hardy material that doesn’t fade or crack easily when applied correctly. It also requires very little maintenance, so you don’t need to constantly clean it to keep it beautiful. It comes in various colors and finishes to help you achieve your desired walls. However, the best part is its air-seal and noise-resistance features. It can help insulate your home while reducing noise penetration from the outside world.

When starting this major home improvement, make sure you have experienced installers. Stucco can only offer these numerous benefits if it’s correctly applied to the walls. The material requires expert surface prep, including using a base and scratch coat before the actual stucco mix. Then, it needs a finish coat to ensure durability and lasting wear. Stucco can be expensive, especially when building modern custom homes, so you want to get it installed correctly the first time.

3. Repair Your Plumbing

The home’s plumbing system is essential for conveniently keeping the water flowing. But it can also break down and sustain damage in the long run, causing issues if you’re not careful. Although this is not one of those flashy major home improvement projects that add significantly to aesthetic value, it can offer many benefits and high ROI when done correctly.

You never want to deal with leaky pipes, clogged drains, and faulty fixtures because they can damage the home structure and cause many other problems. While simple fixes can sometimes fix minor issues, you may have to consider a complete remodel plumbing project if you constantly find problems with the system around your home. This will help fix multiple issues and save you from spending money on futile repairs.

Even if you don’t have any problems with your plumbing now, consider how old the system is. If it’s been in service for 50 years without any changes, you might start seeing issues sooner or later. Replacing your plumbing ensures your home can function adequately without dealing with costly problems. You’ll be investing in the future by preventing mold, water damage, and structural problems before they even wreak havoc on your house.

Don’t try to replace your plumbing by yourself. Instead, hire an experienced local plumber to do this job precisely and efficiently. This plumbing professional understands the plumbing needs of your location, allowing them to save time during the project. They can also help you maintain the new system if you find other issues later. With their expertise, you no longer have to worry about water problems at home. Tackling this plumbing project early is always a smart move for homeowners.

4. Get New Cabinets

Old, worn-out cabinets can lower the value of your home. Aside from looking tired, you may have also outgrown the storage space they offer. Your cabinets may no longer serve you what you need, especially in the kitchen, where you store various tools and ingredients. Consider giving your kitchen a facelift with new cabinetry. This major home improvement gives you more storage space and modernizes an outdated kitchen area with sleek, new cupboards.

When getting new cabinets, you have many options. For one, various materials are available. If you need durability in the kitchen, you may opt for stainless cabinets. If you want a more decorative facade, you can also choose from different wood options, from oak and poplar to cherry and maple. There are also different finishes, like shiny exposed wood and painted surfaces in various colors. Choosing the right combination will help you personalize the kitchen space with just a few new cabinets installed.

You can shop for cabinets at your local hardware or furniture store, but you can also work with cabinet companies to build new ones from scratch. Their services will let you design any cabinetry you want in the material and finish you desire. They will also ensure the new furniture fits your kitchen’s exact measurements, preventing awkward spaces or misaligned equipment in your cooking space.

If you’re not ready to replace your cabinets because they’re still functional, consider refinishing them to give them new life. For example, you can repaint the wooden surface with a new color to complement the kitchen aesthetic. You can also change the hardware, like the cabinet handles, to add something new. Although it’s not a significant change, it can add value to the room without breaking the bank.

5. Change the Siding

If you’re not a fan of stucco or bare walls, siding offers a different aesthetic to your home’s exteriors. The siding helps protect your walls from the elements but can break down after a few years. Depending on the material and finish, it can also look dirty and dull after taking some damage from the local climate. If you’re ready to replace the siding to create a brand-new facade, you’ll surely get high returns afterward.

Depending on what kind of siding you install, you can achieve a different aesthetic every time. For example, vinyl siding is an affordable option in many different colors. It’s also relatively more straightforward to install. Metal siding is more durable and requires little to no maintenance. There’s also wood siding that creates that rustic barnhouse feel. The right material will protect your home from heat, rain, and snow for years.

You may also find more sustainable options if you’re an eco-conscious homeowner. These materials are usually recycled, making them better for the environment. You can also opt for wood or fiber cement that doesn’t have the same environmental effects as wood or vinyl sidings. Ask your local home improvement company for suggestions on green siding materials.

Remember, you don’t have to do this project alone. DIYing siding installation can save you some money, but if you don’t know what you’re doing, you might have to redo it a few times. Contact an expert siding contractor to start this major home improvement project. They can help you choose the right material for your needs and install it easily, ensuring lasting builds for years. Communicate with them well so they know how to bring your vision to life.

6. Build New Pathways

If you want to spruce up your backyard, you can add new pathways to the landscape. Most garden spaces look good, but paved walkways can add something new to your property. This major home improvement project also makes your garden more interesting, especially when you lay with the placement as it winds around flower beds and outdoor furniture. With well-designed pathways, you can enhance the charm and functionality of your outdoor space while improving the property’s curb appeal.

When creating pathways, you can choose from various materials. Natural stone is a good option if you like the look of a woodland scene in your backyard. Everything seems as if nature placed the stones for explorers and wildlife creatures. You may also opt for pavers. These bricks are easy to install and can be arranged to create different patterns. Another good option is wood plants. This adds a rustic appeal to your landscape without taking away from the beauty of your plants.

Make sure your pathways complement the surroundings, especially the path leading to your front door. This walkway should seamlessly blend with your front porch to avoid an awkward disconnect. Additionally, ensure this track is durable. Because this is the first thing your guests will see, you don’t want cracks and holes on it a few months after installation. If possible, get this path sealed to ensure longevity.

New pathways can increase your home value significantly. Many potential buyers prefer beautiful yet functional upgrades, including well-designed walkways. These simple investments in your outdoor space can pay off big time later. Just make sure they don’t stick out like a sore thumb. Let them blend into the surroundings while adding a subtle touch of personality to the space.

7. Upgrade Your HVAC Systems

Finally, you should ensure your HVAC system is up to date. You want your home to always have the perfect temperature to ensure everyone is comfortable while indoors. The air quality inside the house also depends largely on the functionality of your HVAC unit, so keeping it in great shape or replacing it as needed can improve the air you and your family breathe.

It’s not the most glamorous major home improvement, but it does contribute significantly to your home’s value. Efficient heating and air conditioning systems keep everyone warm in the winter and cool in the summer and help you save energy and money. Energy-efficient HVAC units consume less electricity and provide better air in your home. Additionally, they are better for the environment, as they emit less pollution. You’ll surely see improvements in your monthly electric bills after getting a new, more efficient unit to cool or warm your home.

While installing a new HVAC system is a big investment initially, it’ll pay for itself as you lay less on your electric bill. Your home will also feel more comfortable as the air quality improves. Make sure to hire professional HVAC services to install the new system properly. They can find the best spot in your home while sharing some maintenance tips. They will ensure your new HVAC unit stays functional and efficient for longer.

With these seven major home improvement projects, your property will surely pay for itself after some time. By improving various areas of the house for aesthetics, comfort, functionality, and efficiency, you add more value to the property and attract more potential buyers once you decide to sell it. Always consider hiring professionals to help you out if you’re unsure how to take on these improvements. They can do the task swiftly and correctly, ensuring a good job the first time. Soon, your home will look and feel better than ever before.


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