Something every homeowner faces, roof repairs can be a costly issue that if left alone can lead to catastrophic and irreversible damage to the home. Roofing repairs may seem simple enough on paper, however, can be deceptively when done incorrectly. Learning the basics of roofing can allow you to save your home and your wallet.

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The first step is breaking the shingle or shingles that are damaged from the glue holding them down. A flat bar is a valuable tool for getting this done as it is able to get under the shingles with ease. On an older roof. the shingles may be able to be pulled off by hand.

The next step is removing any nails that may be holding the shingles down. The flat bar can allow you to push the nail up, and then use the hook on the opposite side to fully remove the nail. If you do not have a flat bar, the backside of a hammer works just as well.

When adding new shingles, you should see a laminated line at the top. Put the nails along this line, as it allows the nails to be discovered easily if repairs are needed at a later date.

For additional information on roofing repairs, please review the attached video.



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