Remodeling homes are expensive. Whether that be your family home or rental. Though, remodeling a luxury home is probably the most massive project to undertake in terms of cost and labor. We’re going to review the various costs that come with remodeling a luxury home and find out which aspects require further investment.

A first step to the remodeling process is demolition. A luxury home’s demolition could be one of the most costly investments if a complete makeover is needed.

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Similarly, foundational repairs and remodels increase in price the more you need to re-purpose spaces’ functions. Turning an unused room into a living space or bathroom, where it wasn’t one before, is considered a foundational tweak, adding to total costs. Some examples of this are installing new electrical appliances and relocating plumbing fixtures. Remember, your mileage may vary based on the square footage of the property.

There are more detailed adjustments to make that require great investment, but add great value to the home. This entails framing work for adding closets, new stairways, new insulation on drywall, and new window framings.

To learn more details about the luxury home remodeling process, check out the video we have linked above for some insight from a San Francisco house flipper.



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