Is your air conditioner not working? Is your home too hot, or is the air conditioner making strange noises? it may be time to replace your unit. Here are some tips on air conditioner replacement and the next steps to take.

The first thing you need to confirm is if the air conditioner even needs to be replaced. In many cases, the air conditioner can be repaired.

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Most air conditioners last anywhere between 15 and 20 years, so if yours is newer than that and is not working properly, a qualified technician can possibly repair it.

Some problems are not worth fixing. For example, it is very expensive to replace an evaporator, so it makes more sense to replace the entire unit. Companies that repair and replace air conditioners can do all of the work for you if it needs to be replaced, including disposing of the old air conditioner.

Replacing your air conditioner may have other benefits. A newer unit will be more efficient and save money on utility costs. You may also get new features like the ability to control the air conditioner from your phone.

For more information about replacing your air conditioner, see the linked video.



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