The biggest question about installing a new fiberglass entry door is whether to do it as a DIY project or get a contractor to install it. The Youtube video” How to Install a Fiberglass Entry Door in This Old House” demonstrates how this is a quick and easy DIY project. There are various reasons why a property owner might consider installing a fiberglass entry door, apart from the fact that it’s a low-maintenance option.

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The first and most important tip about installing a fiberglass entry door is that each door includes a manufacturer’s guide and instructions for proper installation. Read the guide to avoid installation problems. Here’s another great tip: when removing the old door, be careful not to damage the frame. There might already be some damage to the door frame that might only be visible once the old door is removed, so be prepared to repair any damage to the door frame or surrounding materials.

Measurements are key! Always measure and then measure again to be sure. Accurate measurements ensure that you don’t need to re-do your work. Measure the width, height, and depth of the entry door frame. This ensures that the door will fit. There’s no need to call a contractor for a DIY job that can be completed in one afternoon.



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