The window repair service industry has some unethical firms, and one way they show themselves is by running internet ads touting government assistance programs for windows. While government programs may offer tax credits for installing efficient windows, government programs offering discounted windows do not exist or are rare. In addition, some firms running government assistance ads take your personal information and sell it to companies in the window repair service industry.

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Other offers along these lines may route you to a government program that helps people weatherize their windows, but those also do not provide free or heavily discounted windows. Instead, they sell your information to others or nag you to work with them. They will likely install an inferior product if they convince you to work with them.
If you need new windows, your best option is to find several local window repair service firms and ask them to provide estimates. Local firms generally depend on word-of-mouth, Better Business Bureau, and other online ratings to earn new customers, so most treat people fairly because their reputation is on the line.
Those who use deceptive practices, especially false or misleading internet ads, are not who you want to work with. Ask your friends and neighbors for their experiences and recommendations rather than clicking on an online ad.


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