Renovating part of your home can be an exciting process entire full of fresh ideas, designs, and plans for future activities to use the space. A lot goes into making home renovations successful. It takes time, planning, research, and a workable budget.

Before beginning the process, consider how long the area will be out of commission and how it will affect you and your family. For example, can you deal with one less bathroom for a few weeks? Will you be able to rough it without a functioning kitchen for a month or two, or will you need to stay at a hotel or with family?

Then, you’ll need to come up with a plan. Will you make simple upgrades or entirely gut the room, for which you will need to find recommendations for general contractors? Your main concerns will be communicating your needs to the contractors and how you will pay for them. Your budget will greatly affect what you can and cannot do regarding home renovations.

It’s important to make a list of essential needs and wants from home upgrade pros. For instance, if you need a new kitchen stove and sink, they should be put at the top of your budget before more decorative or aesthetic improvements. If you know you want to start the renovation process on your home but aren’t sure where to begin, we’re here to help. Below, we’ll explore which rooms in your home you should renovate first and how to get it done.

1. Basement

Years ago, the basement was a storage and laundry area. Over time, however, our home’s subterranean level has evolved into anything from a rec room to an in-law suite. When starting renovations on your house, consider starting with the basement. This will give you and the troops a place to retreat if other parts of the house are out of commission for road renovation.

Whether you’re turning the basement into a family room, office, playroom, or a space for a relative, you’ll need to start by cleaning it out. Consider getting a dumpster from home upgrade pros. This can be useful if you’re hiring a basement remodeling contractor.

Next, hire a water remediation specialist to ensure no leaks or seepage coming in through cracks or other entry points. If you do, you’ll need to install remediation systems like French Drains or a sump pump, as well as seal the cracks. Once you have your plans in place, hiring contractors will be the next step. You’ll likely need an electrician, plumber, HVAC specialist, and a drywall hanger.

These home upgrade pros will install lighting, run lines for cable and internet, and install pipes and hardware for bathrooms, kitchen areas, and appliances. Consider the flooring you want for the space. Carpeting can do a lot to keep you warm and absorb sound, but depending on the climate you live in, you may think about choosing vinyl or tile that can stand up better against moisture.

2. Bathroom

Remodeling a bathroom is a great way to give your home an inviting, refreshing new look without breaking the bank. It can change the atmosphere and inspire you to do more self-care, like long, calming baths or an improved skincare routine. If you’re on a limited budget and can only do a few things, stick with new lighting and toilet fixtures from home upgrade pros.

Lighting allows you to shave, do your hair, and make make-up quickly and confidently. A new toilet can help you save on your water bill and will spiff up the room. Painting and some new accent rugs will also make for a remodel on a shoestring. If you’re planning a complete remodel, then you’ll need the help of several home upgrade pros, like general contractors, basement remodeling contractors, and a local bathroom tile contractor.

If you’ve got unused space around the bathroom, talk to the contractor about making the room larger. A larger space will allow for amenities like a walk-in shower and a separate tub. You’ll also be able to divide the space for privacy.

Add new windows for more natural light with some tint or retractable shades. Install extra cabinets so products and supplies are out of sight. Consider adding new tiles in classic patterns. Black and white tile has returned in bathrooms because it goes with everything.

3. Garage

What was once a simple area to store the car or lawn supplies has exploded into a wealth of possibilities to add living space to a home. With some remodeling, garages are now turning into home gyms, offices, playrooms, and spare bedrooms. Some people are even using them as accessory dwelling units (ADU). A garage building service can help.

These units are secondary housing units that are legally placed on a single-family lot. In the past, they’ve been granny pods, pool houses, or small cottages. But a garage is also a perfectly legal solution for an ADU.

Regardless of how you use your garage area, you’ll need to start the process by contacting a garage door service. A traditional garage door probably won’t work for what you’ve got in mind, and these home upgrade pros can help you find the right fit. Home upgrade pros will ensure that your new room is protected from the elements leaking and provide proper ventilation, security, and privacy.

Next, you’ll need to install flooring, ensuring it’s comfortable yet durable for the room. The garage will need to be finished much like a basement, with proper electrical and plumbing installed, along with drywall and storage space. Depending on your climate, you must consider insulation, heating, and air conditioning.

4. Kitchen

A kitchen remodel can add value to your home, both monetarily and in terms of your lifestyle. For many of us, the kitchen is the hub of family activity. It’s where we meet for informal meals, talk about our day, hash out problems, do school work, and many other tasks. It’s also, of course, where we prepare meals meant to nourish and keep our family going throughout the day.

Our kitchens are almost always in use. So it’s vital that when deciding to remodel, you plan carefully and use the best materials. Begin your quest for the perfect kitchen by contacting some local kitchen renovators. They’ll be able to provide free estimates, inform you about learning Cal codes and permits, and, if needed, connect you with local architects.

Once your home upgrade pros are in place, they’ll work with you (and your budget) to choose the materials and appliances that best fit your vision. Start by selecting appliances, which usually take a while, and you can schedule them at your convenience. Next, start shopping around for cabinets and storage. You’ll want enough space for storage for years to come because you likely won’t be doing another kitchen remodel for about 20 years.

This is important to remember, as you choose other components as well. Timeless and classic designs that can easily flow with minor updates are essential. Consider a center island where meals can be prepped, and you can sit for a quick bite. The following important detail is the countertops. Weigh your options carefully here.

While there’s a lot of excellent material, your needs may require durability over aesthetics. A happy medium is quartz counter installations. Quartz counters offer beauty while also being chip and scratch-resistant. If you want to go all out with color or the latest trend, do it with a snappy backsplash.

These are practical and offer a pop of color that can be easily changed throughout the years. Finally, install flooring that is attractive but functional. Remember that it’s the kitchen, and you want a floor that’s easy to clean, impact-resistant, and doesn’t wear out quickly.

5. Laundry Room

The laundry room may not be the first thing that comes to mind when considering which rooms to renovate, but refreshing and modernizing this area or carving out a whole new section for it in your home has many benefits. First, if you can, get your washer and dryer out of the basement. Make life easier and more organized by placing it in the kitchen or even alongside an upstairs bathroom. It’s a necessary luxury you won’t know how you did without.

Believe it or not, this can be one of the most fun renovations you ever do in your home. Nobody is expecting much because it’s just a laundry room, so this is your chance to go wild with vibrant colors, patterns, even a mural! Local painters will jump at the opportunity to do something original. Don’t fear some kitschy wall decor and even a few plants.

Install a comfy bench to sit on while you fold and fluff. Embrace the room and make it stand out. If it’s a smaller area, you’ll want to maximize space, so consider a stackable washer and dryer with a storage cabinet on the side. Hang plenty of hooks and racks to dry items that can’t be put in the machine.

Consider a small chest of drawers to keep spare clothing and towels in for when someone (especially kids) needs to peel off wet or muddy clothing in a hurry. Install tile flooring that can be dried and cleaned quickly. Most of all, get some good lighting to spot those stains!

6. Screened-In Porch

A screened-in porch from home upgrade pros can be a lovely addition to any home. It adds living space, somewhere to relax, for the kids to play, and have morning coffee. It’s a way to enjoy fresh air and ventilate your home, all while being protected from insects and the elements.

It’s not as difficult to achieve as you may think. If you’ve got a front porch, patio, or flat area around your home, it could be as easy as calling a few screen enclosures companies for estimates. More and more people are adding screened areas to their homes. Some people even screen in their garages!

7. Living Room

Aside from the kitchen, the living room is the hub of your family’s social time. It’s used for socializing, entertainment, and relaxing with family or friends. So it should be modern and formal enough to support company while being comfortable enough for the family to lounge and enjoy a movie, be cozy and read a book on a rainy day, or play on the floor with the kids.

The good thing about remodeling your living room is that it’s mostly centered around aesthetics. You probably won’t need the help of home upgrade pros like plumbers or drywall hangers and very little help from an electrician. Concentrate on a few things that will significantly impact the space, like flooring, paint, and windows.

If you’re tired of cleaning the carpet, consider calling a hardwood flooring installation company. These pros can install any design or wood type you like, and you can get some beautiful area rugs that need minimal care. Next, give the walls a fresh coat of paint. Muted colors are usually a good idea, but consider an accent wall for a pop of color and panache.

Another way to give your living room new life is to install a picture or bay window in the front. This will allow a tin of natural light to flow through and give you a place to set photos, plants, and other decor. The main idea when renovating a living room is your comfort, so do what’s right for you.

8. Bedroom

If your home is your oasis from the world, your bedroom should be your sanctuary. The area of your house is just for you and possibly your significant other to unwind for the day and rejuvenate for the next. When planning a bedroom remodel, most people send increased storage. This often means the walk-in closet of their dreams. Maybe you can have one on the level of a Kardashian, but a local remodeling contractor can work magic for any budget in this area.

The other main thing to consider for a new bedroom will provide a sense of calm and tranquility. The main purpose of your bedroom is obviously to sleep, so a remodel should support that with lighting that is versatile and easily accessible. Paint and carpet colors that convey a sense of calm and won’t reflect unwanted light. Speaking of carpeting, if there’s one room you want it in, it’s the bedroom. Carpeting will help keep you toasty and can help keep energy costs down.

Renovating your home’s rooms can bring new life to the house and you. Updated rooms will also increase the value of your home and attract eager buyers. Just be sure to plan appropriately and stay within your budget with help from home upgrade pros. Consider giving yourself an extra financial cushion in case you encounter issues.


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