This video talks about what a cupola is and why people use them in their homes and barns. For hundreds of years, people have used cupolas to rid their open spaces of heat and humidity. This effective method naturally ventilates a space using the stack effect and the negative pressure of high winds to suck out the air from the building below.

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This works because moving air is less dense than still air, so the warmer air is forced upward and out of the cupolas. A stack effect is essentially the same thing we see when a chimney pushes hot air and smoke out through the top of a home or building. Most cupolas you will see have louvered openings and can provide natural light to your space. You can, however, close them off during the winter or if it is excessively raining outside to keep the moisture and cold out.

Not only is a cupola extremely functional, but it also adds a beautiful architectural element to the design of a building. Natural breezes flow through the building in the warmer months and trap the heat during the winter months. Cupolas are a great solution to many problems, so think about investing in some today!



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