Anyone who lives in an old house probably has outdated windows. There are some major problems caused by old windows. Here are some reasons why you may want to install replacement windows in your home.

They are less efficient, so heat leaks from your house in the winter, and the sun heats up your home in the summer. This strains your cooling and heating system and can increase your energy bill.

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Newer windows can have two panes of glass that hold a pocket of air in the middle. This system keeps your home at the temperature you want.

Newer windows are safer and more secure. Some old windows don’t even come with a way to lock them, leaving you vulnerable to break-ins. Another feature that comes with new windows is a limit on how far the window can open. This feature prevents children from falling or from throwing things out the window.

Pet-proof screens are another handy thing you can find in new windows. When your pet is excited they may scratch the screen, but these screens are scratch resistant, keeping them looking new and clean.

Lastly, you can upgrade the windows to look more modern. These are just a few reasons to upgrade your windows. For more tips, see the linked video.



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