Achieving perfect paint jobs requires careful preparation and execution. From properly prepping the surface to choosing the right tools and techniques, attention to detail is key to obtaining a flawless finish. By following the video, you too can achieve perfect paint jobs.

Use different colored chalk and lighting to look for imperfections.

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Nothing is ever perfect.

The rule of paint is simple: once it’s dry, you sand it, except for the last coat of paint. This is because there’s always a rough surface that will impact the paint.

Put the flooring in first so you can install the trim right on the floor and you don’t have to add another piece of trim afterward. Paint all of the baseboards first in another room, and then install them to avoid accidentally getting paint on the floor.

When you’re trimming out your windows, use half-inch finished plywood because it’s easy to paint and fill. Before you put the top casing on the wall, paint above it and cut your line.

Paint takes 30 days to cure, and if you use paint to project an area and you take the paint off, you’re going to rip the paint off as well.

If you want to paint ceilings, it’s easier to use sprayers; just keep in mind that you’ll get a different texture on the finish.

No matter how careful you are, chances are some paint will end up on the floor or furniture. Cover the floor and furniture with tarps, or remove the furniture from the room.

It’s a simple process to solve painting mistakes. Once you find a mistake, prime it before painting the area again.

Be sure to sand in between coats, and it’s okay if you see little white dots, as those will be covered up by the second coat.

Use a duster, which is an older brush, to clean any dust off the baseboards from the sanding process before cutting a line on the trim with a brush.


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