Clogged drains in your sink or shower are not only an inconvenience, but a hazard. Instead of trying to unclog it yourself, calling a professional for a drain cleaning service is the best option. In this article, we will discuss what happens during drain cleaning services.

Clog Assessment

Clogs form when debris such as food scraps, hair, soap scum, and skin cells accumulate inside your drain lines. The first step of drain cleaning services is to assess what is causing the clog.

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A professional can easily find the root of the problem. They can easily treat the problem, too.

Clog Removal

Once a professional identifies what has caused the clog, they can create a cleaning plan. A drain snake, hydro-jet, or chemical drain cleaner are the typical forms of drain cleaning a professional will use. Once the clog is removed, you can use your sink or shower without having to worry.

Clean and efficient drains are essential to living healthy and comfortably. Professional drain cleaning services will not only solve your issue over the short term but also result in cleaner, healthier drains that will perform better over the long term as well. If you need a drain cleaning service, don’t hesitate to contact your local drain cleaning company!



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