Construction sites are temporary locations where contractors come to complete a job. These sites are known for not featuring portable toilets, and the crew often has to travel to the nearest mall or gas station for restroom facilities. It significantly lengthens construction time; like many other industries, time is also money in this industry. The YouTube video “Portable Restroom Construction at Service Sanitation” demonstrates unit-building. It also highlights how convenient these units are for construction sites.

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The Reasons to Use Portable Toilets on Construction Sites

The Occupation Health and Safety Act is the primary reason your construction site needs portable toilets. The Act requires that all construction sites feature an appropriate number of units to cater to the number of on-site construction workers. The Act also stipulates how many units should be on site to accommodate your construction workers. Even if facilities are nearby, they may belong to other businesses, which can annoy those businesses when your construction workers use their facilities.

The third and most important reason is productivity. The time it takes your workers to travel to and from the facilities off-site will eat into productivity. You aim to complete the project as quickly as possible to enhance profits. Therefore, porta potty rental in Santa Cruz, CA may solve your problem. Your crew and the neighboring businesses will be happy, and your profit margins will benefit from portable toilets.



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