As mentioned in the video, there may be one or more signs that you need replacement windows. Know the signs to take action and prevent any inconveniences or damage to the interior or exterior of a home.

Window Replacement Signs

One of the biggest signs you need to replace your window is if it’s broken or damaged. Although you may need to get by for a short time with a damaged window, eventually, you’ll need to replace it.

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Damaged windows can allow moisture to enter the home and cause further damage to the surrounding structure.

If you notice moisture in between your window panes, drafts near or around windows, or mold or mildew collecting near your window frame, it’s time to replace them. Keep an eye out, especially for wood frame windows, because they can rot and deteriorate easier than other materials.

Closing Thoughts

If you plan to replace your windows, be sure to do research and choose a good contractor with a positive reputation in the industry. Don’t wait to replace damaged or deteriorated windows and window frames. Replace the windows before they can cause your energy bill to rise and allow moisture or outside air to enter the home.


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