Since basements sit below ground level, they’re vulnerable to flooding. You can reduce the risk of water damage with basement waterproofing. In this video from This Old House, you’ll find tips that will help you waterproof your basement.

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It’s common for water to enter a basement through windows and doors that connect to the outside. You can prevent this from happening by sealing off any openings with caulk. Even if you’ve sealed off openings, it’s a good idea to check your windows periodically and re-apply caulk or another sealant if needed.

If you live in an area with heavy rainfall, you may want to look into a sump pump. Basement sump pumps help drain water that makes its way into your basement. It’s a highly effective way to remove water from your basement. You can’t always keep your basement from flooding, but you can take steps to avoid water damage.

Flooding can damage your basement in many ways. Not only can water destroy items stored in your basement but standing water can lead to mold problems and can even attract pests to your basement. As a homeowner, you should take steps to waterproof your basement. Taking simple precautions now could help you avoid future problems!



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